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This Is The ONLY Coaching Program That Focuses On Teaching Sustainable Skills Rather Than Short Term Results... Guaranteed

If You Follow My Coaching Program And Aren't 100% Confident You Can Continue Seeing Results Long After, I'll Give You Your Money Back Or Work With You For FREE Until You Are.

Are You Committed Or Interested In Making The Changes Necessary To Making Your Health A Priority? 

If you're committed, I'm here to give you a blueprint

  •  Implement methods for CREATING the time needed to make your health a priority. Even if it's just 30 minutes per day.
  • ​Create the motivation and drive needed to stay accountable and disciplined, even when you struggle with having the energy.
  • ​Start eating for performance and sustainability first even when you spend most of your time away from home or on the road and without eating the same boring and bland food day after day.

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Pillar #1

How to create a measurable change in your quality of life, mood, and sense of accomplishment. Giving you the confidence to show up in the world as the best version of yourself.

Pillar #2

The fundamentals behind planning and preparing a healthy diet that helps you achieve your goals while feeling your absolute best. Without following a fad diet and living a life of restriction.

Pillar #3

How to build a daily fitness blueprint that is structured to ensure you're working to look the way you want without having to sacrifice the time you look forward to most

Meet Your Head Coach

Meet Your Head Coach

Josh Holyfield is an Army Veteran with over 15 years experience deploying and supporting the US Army and Special Operations.

He started weightlifting in 2005 and has been studying exercise science and nutrition as a hobby since. Josh used fitness as a way to help him overcome the mental and emotional challenges of serving in the military during combat deployments then transitioning from that career to become a civilian.

For over a decade after his military service, he worked as a federal contractor and federal employee serving global SOF operations and in 2019, he started "The Josh Holyfield Project."

Since, starting, he's helped over 40,000 men with the tools and resources they need to transform their bodies and their minds using techniques that focus on creating sustainable habits, rather than short term results.

In early, 2021, he walked away from his Federal position to help men full time by offering programming and coaching to men all over the world.

Joining The Brotherhood is about more than just starting a workout program, you're joining a community of likeminded men and women who have one thing in common.

A relentless focus and drive to achieve nothing less than greatness.